The Hostile Minority Report – TOUSAIK LEE

Tou SaiK is known to teach and inspire as a public speaker and performer. Lee is an Intergenerational Bridge Builder through his experience working with youth and elders in community. Lee facilitates workshops to give opportunities for participants through arts of storytelling, songwriting and spoken word poetry with a focus on cultural identity within refugee and immigrant experiences. Tou presents his own journey to understand his cultural identity through the collaboration with his grandma Youa Chang who does Hmong poetry chanting. He also relearned his native language through writing songs, overcame gang violence to achieve success by learning of the struggles his people had to overcome historically. Tou talks about his own story, how he found Hip Hop, broke out of his shell as a shy child, and how creative writing gave him a voice to express life challenges.


The Hostile Remodeled Minority Report


The Hostile Remodeled Minority Report

An Indigenous Southeast Asian Diatribe 

Written by Tou SaiK Lee

Beat Produced by Emblem Beats

Had No Role Models Lookin like me,

The only Asian kid in my class, elementary,

No one to protect, got beat down and bullied,

No fun in playgrounds, for survival learn to be

Gaara, throwing sand in the eyes of my enemies,

No regrets, don’t forget, heard the threats, upset,

Got respect listening – cassette tapes from vets

Realize cold sweat was blood on my chest

Its elementary to be a savage, eventually

My little brother got choked right in front of me

It Unleashed the thirst to fight, deep inside me

Choose to be viscous or a victim of society,

Desensitized to violence, refugee mentality

Nightmares of military terrorizing families,

my elders sacrificed, these are not my memories

Its war trauma for generations, passed on to me.  

We fought back with fists, forced into Solitary

Raise up a fist, Justice, in solidarity.

Get hostile with diatribe,

Rise up, Ride or Die

inspired to speak,

Remodeled Report, Undefined.

Been brutalized, still we rise.

Asians strong, unified, still we rise.

Asians hate despised, still we rise.

Asians strong, unified, still we rise. 

We Rise. We Rise. We Rise. 

In Twin Cities as a teen, a larger community, 

Colored rags, a badge of honor, tattooed armory,
Sucked at math, we had numbers to beatdown bullies,

Locker Room brawl, suspended Asians only,

Bullies set free, we be the villains of society,

Broken down self-esteem when they recruited me

Together we stand for our people, recklessly

Locked up like animals, labelled as troubled teens,

Seeing Asians attacked, was nothing new to me,

We’re portrayed by mainstream as model minorities,

Asian Elders assaulted, hit us traumatically  

As if my grandparents were the victims on the screen,

They say Asians are quiet and meek, they perceive,

That we won’t say shit, our place in this country,

They want us to divide and conquer, believe me

Motivated to be a voice, organize community.

We fought back with fists, forced into Solitary

Raise up a fist, Justice, in solidarity.

Get hostile with diatribe,

Rise up, Ride or Die

inspired to speak,

Remodeled Report, Undefined.

Been brutalized, still we rise.

Asians strong, unified, still we rise.

Asians hate despised, still we rise.

Asians strong, unified, still we rise.

We Rise. We Rise. We Rise. 

Created for NHCC’s Stages Of Equity Festival.

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