Auditions! Spring 2022 Theatre Production


We’re looking for you!

Audition for the Spring 2022 main stage theater production. Come be part of the production, and you’ll find: 

  • COMMUNITY with other NHCC students 
  • CONNECTION with creative NHCC folx  
  • PLEASURE in the joy of making art 
  • SATISFACTION and PURPOSE for uncertain times 
  • An outlet for SELF-EXPRESSION 


Pick a day and time & drop in for your audition!

No sign up necessary! 

MON. JAN 24:   2:30 – 5:00PM 
TUES. JAN 25:    11:00AM – 12:30PM   OR   2:30 – 5:00PM 
WED. JAN 26:   5:30 – 8:00PM 
THURS. JAN 27:    11:00AM – 12:30PM   OR   4:00 – 7:00PM 
FRI. JAN 28:   CALLBACKS (You will be notified to schedule a daytime appt.) 

Audition Location: FAC 178 (The NHCC Main Theater) (directly across from FAC ROOMS 119 & 120) 


Contact   All questions welcome. 

The NHCC Dept. of Theater & Film does not discriminate against persons auditioning on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, creed, or ability. 

The department eagerly invites and strongly encourages students of ALL gender and racial identities and levels of experience in theater to our auditions.

Want to help backstage?

For this production, we have opportunities of all kinds available! 

We will need:

  • builders & run crew members (sets, lights, sound)
  • stage managers
  • light & sound board operators
  • box office support

Contact Søren Olsen with your interest – the work begins soon!:  


Do I need to sign up to audition for the play? 

  • Nope! Our process is a “drop-in” process for auditions. An audition will take about 30-40 minutes of your time: (1) you have to fill out an audition form, (2) you will need to look over audition materials to select something to read/perform aloud, and (3) you will read your audition material for the production director. 
  • Please choose ONE day and time on the schedule above that fits with your schedule to “drop-in” and audition at the Fine Arts Center.  

Where do I go to audition? 

  • Auditions will be held in-person on the NHCC campus. Please come to the Fine Arts Center theater lobby. 
  • The FAC theater lobby is located in front of ROOMS 119 & 120 in the Fine Arts Center on campus. In the lobby you will find a table with information & audition forms and materials & further directions. 
  • The NHCC Fine Arts Center is located right next to the Science building & is connected to the Science building by a hallway. Or, you can enter the Fine Arts Center from outside doors directly across from the Campus Center (right next to the Greenhouse). Or, you can also enter the Fine Arts Center from the West & South parking lots. The Fine Arts Center lobby is located in the middle of the building – looking for ROOMS 119 & 120 is your clearest guide to find the lobby (when you stand in front of these rooms, you are in the FAC lobby). 

Do I need to prepare a monologue to audition? 

  • We would appreciate a prepared monologue by you, if you are comfortable preparing and presenting one (about 2-3 minutes of material)!  
  • However, you do not have to bring a prepared monologue in order to audition. We will be providing monologues & scenes for you to read from at your audition. Yes to prepared work, but if you don’t have a monologue or time to prepare a monologue, no worries whatsoever, just come to auditions, and we’ll take it from there. We are trying to be sensitive to first-time auditioners, to those who are new to theater & trying it out & to the demands everyone has during this moment of the pandemic.  
  • Optional: you could also perform a song or a strong talent, show us what you’ve got in terms of performance skills: juggling, dancing (any kind), gymnastics, or anything of the performing nature that you’d like to share. 

I’m a PSEO student – can I be in this play? 

  • Yes! We had many PSEO students in our Fall 2021 productions! We’d love to have you audition & be in the play. However, please make sure you can meet the needs of the rehearsal schedule. We will be rehearsing from early February to late April, about 4 times a week (2-3 hours per meeting), mainly in the afternoons and evenings. Rehearsals are held – in-person – on campus; you will need to ensure that you have transportation to and from the NHCC campus. 

When will the spring play be performed? 

  • The spring production will open on April 21, 2022 with performances on April 22& 23. We plan to have 4 performances total during the days & evenings on these dates. We will have day performances (matinees) & evening performances with the hope that it makes it more accessible for NHCC students to attend. 

Which play is the NHCC Theater & Film department doing this spring? 

  • We haven’t announced a play title yet. Different plays have very different casting needs in terms of gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity – in addition to many other factors about a play. This has always been a leading consideration in choosing a play for the NHCC Theater Department. Now, working with the many changes of our pandemic & the many new elements it brings to our lives has created a challenging moment for theater here at NHCC, at other theater departments & at theaters across the world.  
  • Here’s our plan: we have several plays “on the table” that would each be great projects for Spring 2022. To be frisky and responsive this term, we’re going to see who comes to audition and base the selection of the play in response to our audition turnout (and who comes forward). We are trying to make sure we meet the needs a play demands AND that we meet the needs of students who’d like to be in a play production.   

Will there be callbacks & when are they? 

  • Yes, there will be callbacks. Callbacks are a helpful, second part of the audition process where we have you perform materials one more time. Callbacks give us the chance to see actors again, work with them in particular ways, and help us think about how to cast the play. Callbacks are very useful for the director in terms of picking the play we will do & casting overall. We will reach out to you to schedule you for a callback time on FRIDAY, JANUARY 28 sometime between 11AM & 3PM (or so). Callbacks will be in-person & on the NHCC campus. 

I want to audition, but how much time will this take? 

  • Being in a play is a strong commitment of time. We plan to rehearse about 2-3 hours a day for 4 days a week from (about) Feb. 2 or 3 until April 21. We will rehearse both in the afternoons & evenings, in-person on the NHCC campus. 
  • Putting live theater together takes time – but what fun! What a journey! It’s so rewarding! You get to meet interesting people, make friends, have a community that cares for you & laughs with you. Making theater with a group feels comforting & satisfying, and it gives you an outlet to relieve stress and feel grounded during the pandemic. The process will help you grow as a person in your confidence and self-esteem and gain confidence about yourself. So, yes, lots of time on your part, but the rewards are many. 
  • Feeling a bit lost or alone at NHCC during our pandemic? – working on a play production helps you feel just a little bit less alone and more connected to the college & most importantly, to other students & profs. 
  • We want you to succeed in your classes – so, please think on how you will balance this commitment with your course schedule & work/family life. 

I’m not really an actor, but I’d really like to participate…can I? 

  • Yes! We’d really like to have you participate. You can sign-on to be part of our build crew, our run crew, or the box office. Each of these activities is tremendously satisfying & fun. We’d love to have you come join our community. You’ll meet new NHCC students, have fun, and be part of our community. Contact Søren Olsen with your interest – the work begins soon!:  

Is this a class? 

  • A main stage play production at NHCC is considered an “extracurricular activity.” BUT – if you are cast or if you plan to help build the set, hang the lights, be a stage manager, or be on our run crew, you can do so for school/class credit. PLUS, if you plan to be a Theater major at NHCC, this type of experience is a required credit that you will need for your major We can help you figure out these details and make plans – contact us for more info about this possibility: 

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